Pearlman Cabin



If you wish to attend a private visit, please acknowledge that you have read the liability agreement below.

We also need your phone number and other information about yourself.

A vegetarian meal is included in the requested fee or donation.

The fee for visit is fifty dollars per person, but Nancy will waive the fee if you donate fifty dollars per person to The Educational Communications Corporation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are usually tax-deductible but check with your tax advisor. For groups a discount will be offered. Donations go to the nonprofit organization’s environmental and humanitarian projects. If you chose to donate, no refunds will be available because it is a donation. If you wish to send a check, send it to The Educational Communications Corporation, P. O. Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035. If unable to send a check or money order in American dollars, bring American cash on day of visit.

The cabin is a mid-century modern vacation home. It is small, rustic, homey, and beautiful! Please don’t expect a two-hour tour of multiple rooms - there is only one room. And don’t expect anything fancy like other famous homes - it is “homey” and “rustic” and is decorated with 1950s furniture from Nancy's parent’s home.

If you want to go for a short or long hike, let Nancy know; she loves company on her walks before or after the midday lunch.

Restroom:  There is a toilet but we are on a septic tank and please, please do not put anything in toilet except toilet paper because the pipes easily get clogged and water spreads on the floor if you do.

Address for visit, NOT for mailing: 52820 Middle Ridge Dr., Idyllwild, CA 92549. Park on side of street so cars can go by.

WEATHER:  Idyllwild is in Southern California, but it is at 5,300 feet in elevation, so the weather can be snowy, rainy, and cold in the winter. The summers are pleasant, in the 70s and 80s.

CLOTHING:  It is colder in mountains than desert. Bring walking shoes and a jacket. To see the view of cabin windows from below, be sure to have shoes that have a grip; it is dirt, leaves, and boulders.

PETS:  You may bring your pet but the dog or other animal cannot go into the bedroom; do not leave in your car, bring inside. There is a leash law outside. Do not leave our doors cracked but close them so cat does not go out.

FOOD:  Any special needs, let us know. Otherwise, there are vegetarian salads, cheeses, chips and dips, fruit, veggies, deserts, and drinks (juice/soft drinks/wine). Please use coasters and placemats.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Permitted for personal use but if posted on internet or printed in publication must be approved by Nancy. Copies on DVD or USB, or at least by email, are expected.

OVERNIGHTS:  The cabin cannot accommodate overnight stays unless you love the floor on mats. Please do NOT stay in an AirBnb; they will not control the out of control parties at neighbor’s place. There are lovely cottage inns and motels that are nice and reasonable and cabins that are reasonable and just a few minutes from the cabin (Woodland Park Manor, Bluebird Lodge, Idyllwild Inn, etc.). There are county and state campgrounds and Forest Service land to pitch a tent or at the cabin. RVs can park in front of the cabin. Idyllwild has no chain hotels or restaurants. A mountain getaway indeed! If you want to stay at the cabin on a mattress or flimsy pullout bed, there is an extra $200 donation requested for B&B and continental breakfast for one or two people.

THE VILLAGE:  There are art and craft galleries, a history museum, and a county nature center worth visiting. There are easy to hard hiking trails. A charming getaway.

LIABILITY:  By agreeing to visit the Pearlman cabin, you are also agreeing not to sue Nancy for any injury (slip and fall, allergic reactions, wild animal bite, etc.). In other words, have your own insurance. We try to make everything safe but you are walking on private property, in a forest, and should be responsible for yourself.

CAT:  Nancy's cat Ruby travels with her and there may be some cat hair around. She will be kept in the closet/bedroom. You may bring your dog into the main room.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Please call or email for the next public visit date or to schedule a private visit.

PHONE:  213-705-4992  EMAIL: